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how to website localization
« on: January 30, 2015, 11:03:19 AM »
I show you how I work for the translation:
1. I select the view of only english article , on the upper menu I go where is write "Show all Languages" and select "English"

After that if you go on all pages you could add translation from each one:

You have the sign plus (+) on the flag language choosed to add the translation starting from an existing page.

If you want to modify an existing translation you have the pencil icon.

If you want to view only translation in <your language> you need to select on top menu only <your language>.

In the page list you could see even the three page the populate the text below the three image in front page :
Join, HowTo, Power of Group
For the front pages( Join, HowTo, Power of Group) we need to add Excerpt text that is the text that you see on the front page.
To complete the "Front Page" there is another page to translate with the text "Ready to switch to GNU/Linux PowerPC notebooks".
To complete the "Front Page" is needed even to translate the subtitle "To make this happen a new PowerPC Notebook will be Produced soon."
, you need to provide to the administrator of the website this string translated.

In wordpress there is at the top right a tab called "Screen Options" if click on the label it open down checkbox that you could click , and you must check on "Excerpt" checkbox.

About the translations of the posts you must go to POSTS, and is needed to go the top tab "Screen Options" and deselect "SEO,SEO Title,Meta Desc, Focus KW" so you will see as for the pages the flags and the symbol "+" to add the translation.
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