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Financing Ideas (1) Power2People Bounties
« on: March 17, 2016, 01:20:50 PM » is a site that promotes enhancements to powerPC utilization.

It hosts mainly bounties to finance software and hardware projects for the Amiga, MorphOS, AROS communities.
Its last interesting effort was in in hosting Bounty to buy OWB Odyssey Web Browser from french MorphOS developer Fabien Coeurjoly and donate sources to all existing Amiga-Based Operating Systems.
It was collected 2000, 2800 US dollars in a very few months as far as I know, and the results are that Fabien, a.k.a. "Fab" opened all its sources to the communities, and he is continuing developing MorphOS PPC OWB 1.25 free release, but, for the pleasure of AmigaOS 4.X community, another developer, the polish programmer Deadwood had already started, completed and released a AmigaOS 4.X PPC 1.25 free release parallel to the MorphOS one, while some AROS developers have ported OWB to AROS Intel X86 Open Source Operating System.                   .

You can contact Power2People team and ask if they will gladly host the crowdfunding project.
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