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Others OS / Re: MorphOS
« on: February 11, 2017, 11:52:26 AM »
Also, it will be nice to have a (PPC) Notebook with MorphOS containing a two button internal mouse (track pad) because MorphOS is extremely dependent on using mice, especially two button mice. Fortrunately MorphOS is not RISC OS which requires clicking the scroll wheel (three button mice) . Perhaps a laptop with more than two buttons next to the track pad would be recommended.

Others OS / Re: MorphOS
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:28:54 AM »
Hello again everybody! I am delighted to hear that PowerPC NoteBook Project is going to make the hardware!  8) With aCube? I think that aCube is a company MorphOS is affiliated with.

I am dreading when MorphOS starts x64 processor (and even worse dreading if it is made by Intel) I prefer ARM Processor (Pi Devices) or MIPS processor to keep MorphOS unique and these are favourable processors. Also 68K. (MiniMig)

Also, if MorphOS is going to port to any other computer, especially x64, it must have two things:

1. It really needs to be a computer (such as laptop) sold with MorphOS included with it. Every time I purchase a computer, it already has OS included with it. Later, I "burn" Recovery Media for every computer, and make a backup copy of the Recovery Media. I also have to "Burn" a Installation Media each time MorphOS release new update and also make backup Installation Media, but this media can be installed onto any MorphOS Compatible because MorphOS includes drivers. This means Recovery Media is not necessary with MorphOS. (Some of my computers are so old they have Windows XP, which includes limited drivers, making Recovery Media important. Newer Windows has larger availability of drivers) Because of Windows capability of stripping Bloatware from it, ("adjusting for best performance" and also High Contrast Mode, etc.) I can use Windows without headaches. I have enjoyed installing MorphOS on G4 because I do not like Mac OS X or "OSX" or "MacOS" and have no issue installing MorphOS onto it.

But if MorphOS really switches to X64, which is dominated by Windows, I want a "Blank" computer designed for MorphOS, perhaps included with MorphOS. Windows is included with X64. When you buy a X64, you are also buying a Windows at the same time. so if MorphOS uses X64, I want to buy a X64 and MorphOS at the same time.

2. Please include a full sized keyboard that I enjoy. These HP that I have (also with large screens) added the numeric keypad to the keyboard. Even though I connect external keyboard and external mice I still want it.

And to conclude the topic about ISA and the future of Devices, I regret to say that most devices are mobile device. They are basically video game consoles masquerading as telephones. These usually are ARM devices. Also, they have Pi Devices. Apple Pi, Banana Pi, BlackBerry Pi, BlueBerry Pi, Cherry Pi, Coconut Pi, Key Lime Pi, Lemon Pi, Peach Pi, Pecan Pi, Pumpkin Pi, RaspBerry Pi, Strawberry Rhubarb Pi. The possibilities are endless but BlueBerry Pi sounds excellent for MorphOS.

Now about the topic of MorphOS on PowerPC Laptop. Any new computer (desktops) are designed for AmigaOS. Just as when you buy a X64, you are also buying a Windows. When you are buying a PowerPC, you are buying a AmigaOS.

With PowerPC Laptop Project gives the opportunity for Morph and The Project to work together to produce a high quality wide screen full sized keyboard and MorphOS at the same time.

I would like to see MorphOS support this new PowerPC Laptop. If they are supporting almost anything Apple G4 and G5 (computers meant for OS X) and almost anything SAM or A-EON or aCube or AmigaKit (computers meant for AmigaOS) then there should also be a PowerPC Laptop meant for MorphOS.

MorphOS usually is ported to PowerPC computers. They might as well continue to port to PowerPC compuers and also They might as well add Q Box to Power PC version of MorphOS.

Suggestions / Will The Notebook Include Numeric Keypad?
« on: May 17, 2015, 08:49:19 AM »
I request notebook contains "full sized" built in internal keyboard equipped with numeric keypad. Also, a wide screen monitor is nice. Along with other common features such as built in SD slot, etc. Thanks. :)

Others OS / Re: MorphOS
« on: January 14, 2015, 12:22:26 AM »
My very detailed essay why this laptop must support MorphOS:

MorphOS is indirectly related to Commodore Amiga. Commodore Amiga were innovative computers. Unfortunately the other competition caught up and original company later declared bankrupcy. As a result, there have been no laptops available for this operating system.

Commodores almost never made any portable computers. Most were keyboard-computers which could connect to a monitor or sometimes television. They are somewhat portable. The closest thing to a laptop, and the only all-in-one portable computers are:

The Commodore SX-64 is a portable computer.
The Commodore LCD is another portable computer, although it was an unreleased prototype.
There exists a Commodore 64 Laptop, but I think this is an aftermarket release.

There have been very few laptops since then, unless you count some Commodore or Amiga branded computer with Windows or Linux installed onto it.

There have been AROS (spun off from AmigaOS) supported laptops, I think this has happened several years ago. I am unfamiliar which ones and when. Later (I think in 2011) there is the AspireOS.

MorphOS released to the PowerBook G4 summer 2012.
MorphOS released to the iBook G4 summer 2013.
These three examples are the closest things to a revised and updated Commodore Amiga Laptop.

Regarding MorphOS, these laptops are old Apple computers. Also, these G4 computers are not made any more. Additionally, MorphOS does not support ANY computer in production. Eventually they could support the SAM computer. They are currently in production but these are desktops. MorphOS needs a laptop currently in production also. Availability of new computers will help because eventually the old computers might malfunction with no new parts made to repair them.

Anybody that likes Commodore Amiga will like MorphOS on this laptop.
Anybody that likes fast operating systems will like MorphOS on this laptop.

In future they will release MorphOS for a different ISA but for now I really hope MorphOS can be released for a PowerPC Laptop or PowerPC Notebook.

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