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General Discussion / Motherboard kit for existing laptop
« on: February 26, 2017, 11:22:02 PM »
It might make sense that before implementing an entire laptop from scratch, a kit could be created to replace the normal motherboard with this "upgraded" motherboard.

Basically, choose a laptop that can be easily found, like a ThinkPad or Inspiron, etc.; it can be a generation or two old to save cost.
Create the motherboard to use the existing laptop and use the existing battery and display.
Sell the motherboard as kit and also convert a few laptops for a turnkey solution.

Not ideal but this simplifies the process greatly.

Suggestions / OSHW Wi-Fi card
« on: February 26, 2017, 02:57:16 AM »
As you probably know, the Wi-Fi landscape isn't very good for open source hardware. Most Wi-Fi cards that have open source drivers still have binary only firmware (ex: all Intel Wi-Fi cards).
There are cards like Atheros 9k that are more open, but nothing modern. This notebook needs a AC 2x2 5Ghz Wi-Fi card to match the rest of its awesomeness.

An ideal (and highly optimistic) solution would be to create an OSHW Mini-PCI Wi-Fi card as a prerequisite to this project. Imagine having a Wi-Fi with not only open source drivers
but also firmware and hardware designs. This is something that could spark more interest in the laptop project. Plus, I imagine some hardware vendors adopting the design; I mean,
why not avoid R&D if you can. Something like Kickstarter could fund the R&D and production costs as long as the appeal goes beyond this project. This would, of course, mean
that drivers would not only need to be created for Linux but also Windows (and maybe more...). This could be a great accomplishment in the world of OSHW.

I understand that this is monumental and probably a pipe dream. Please, any electrical engineers, etc. who have input post it here.

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