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Hello team,

I'm sorry I don't post often here, but I'd like to raise an important topic: the browser situation.

Mozilla is getting rid of lots of legacy code that existed to facilitate portability to different platforms. You've probably heard of Cameron Kaiser, who ports Firefox to PowerPC Macs. He has already mentioned that one of the latest and soon to be mandatory core features won't be portable.

Chrome has never been built for a PowerPC target. I'm not sure if Chromium works. Iceweasel on Debian Wheezy is outdated. I'm not sure about Jessie, how far behind it is.

Roberto and team, how's the situation? The Web evolves around browsers. The newest browsers should, in theory, compile fine and with all the features in the newest platforms. Does anyone have any experience or further information? Am I overreacting or saying something completely stupid?

Introduction / Saulo!
« on: February 22, 2015, 06:47:32 PM »
Hi people,

I finally went over a few personal issues and I can start spending time to contribute to the project.

I'm not a programmer, nothing beyond basic scripting, but I'm used to work in quality assurance.
So I can help debugging and testing, and translating.

I have some PowerPC hardware to help with, available for testing:
- IBM Intellistation 285
- Power Mac G5 (late 2005 Quad pci express)
and soon I will get a PowerBook G4

My hobbies are computers, photography and music.
Professionally, I have a degree in Music, but I work with Telecommunications - mostly assisting developing and deploying video conferencing solutions for a big company.

Saulo Paiva

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