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« on: May 28, 2016, 11:15:48 AM »
Hello guys,

has anyone a clue, how to get a "" T-Shirt?

In 2006, I was one of the guy how has the idea of a T-Shirt. Because of this, I have gotten a T-Shirt from IBM USA for free.
Sadly, my mom has thrown the T-Shirt away.

I have tried to contact Jesse Stein, the guy how managed this all, but he didn't work for IBM anymore.
Then I have tried to contact IBM USA directly. They said, I have contact IBM Germany.
IBM Germany said, they don't sell it over the internet. I have to visit a fair.

Now I would like to ask you, if someone is able to get a T-Shirt for me?
Maybe someone is visit a fair, who IBM is present?

Thanks in advance


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Re: T-Shirt
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2017, 10:03:12 PM »
What are the relevant events where you can get one?


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Re: T-Shirt
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2017, 05:35:22 PM »
Must be a event where IBM is present. But since is gone, Shirts are also gone.
I wrote a mail to the company I got the T-Shirt, but don't got an answer.

Also I wrote to the OpenPOWER Foundation, because they have a Shirt, too. But also got no response ...


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