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how about just "?"-ower (ie, power but using the greek letter for 'pi' instead?)
"?" is a letter denoting a universal mathematical constant, something really recognizable. Or some other similar form.

So, ?-ower for 1st model, ?-ower^2 (or ?^2-ower) for 2nd model, etc

Just an idea.

yup, that's me :)

I'm getting 5-10% on average (though I got more in some clips), and I think I can get more than that. I'll contribute the patches back to both ffmpeg/libav when I'm done.

Gnu/Linux Distros / Re: Free Gnu/Linux Distributions
« on: January 28, 2015, 06:20:08 PM »
No offence, but 3 out of those are based on Debian (well, Knoppix/Ubuntu but in the end it comes down to Debian support). Others on fedora (which does not have ppc as a prime arch anymore), and arch (which I have no idea about). I'd rather spend the time with distros that actually care about the arch (like Debian) and still have it as a prime architecture. With enough interest it might retrigger other distros to follow suit, but we certainly can't support more than a couple -speaking for myself, I intend to work only on Debian, not even Ubuntu.

libretto was the name of an old toshiba netbook. I'd just wait for an actual board before worrying about the name though :)

Gnu/Linux Distros / Re: POSIX / Open Source Reference
« on: January 10, 2015, 01:12:28 PM »
I'd like to state that with such hardware available, I would be able to push for ppc64 to be included in Debian officially. This would benefit most other ppc64 ports as well.

there is a catch with e6500 little endian mode, Altivec unit does not support LE, so we would be left with a cpu without Altivec. And e6500's altivec is a revamped Altivec + extra instructions but quite different than IBM's VSX -which can run in both big and little endian mode.

Given the cpu choice, and since I wouldn't want to lose the Altivec unit, I'd go for big endian and on my part work on the ppc64 port in Debian, rather than try to use the ppc64le one -which probably wouldn't need lots of extra work anyway.

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