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Suggestions / M2 or Sata?
« on: October 22, 2017, 12:16:21 PM »
Should the laptop support M2 storage devices or SATA ones?

What is the opinion of everyone here?

I read several comments about the campaign and here are some suggestions to make it more attractive (this one and/or the next ones).

A donation campaign like on Kickstarter and others offer a counterpart i.e. you give money and at the end you get something in return.

Right now the PPC campaign may be received more like "you give and get nothing in return" i.e. nothing you can use as a simple user. Schematics and gerber files cannot be used by users! Thus I believe it is important to do a campaign with prizes in order to better motivate people to donate.

For a campaign with prizes we have several solutions:
- use small pledges with some goodies (customized laptop bags, mousepads, ...)
- we can do what has never been done before: someone can pledge multiple times. Every pledge will be added to a personal account. When the laptop will be ready for sale (so its price will be known) the user will get the laptop if he pledged more than its price, or will be asked to complete the pledge with the difference.
- we can have a full-cost pledge, when the price will be known i.e. if it costs 1500 euros, the pledge will be of 1500 euros.

Media production to comunicate the project / Social media hashtag
« on: July 02, 2017, 09:57:24 AM »
Which hastag should we use ‪on social media? The name is limited to 20 characters. I had to use #‎pprogresscommunity‬ as I just wrote to DuckDuckGo who did an open source campaign in 2016. I told them, the PPC laptop is a nice project for 2017.

PowerNote is the name of a company (see website) so it's a no-go.
"Note of power" doesn't sound like a name to me but it could be used like a slogan:
A note of power!


Now that PowerBooks are not used anymore by Apple, I would like to use it for us :-)
Or alternatives like PowerTop or PowerLaptop.

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