Author Topic: Financing Ideas (4) Raise interest from Tech Magazines like Wired  (Read 5460 times)


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I just tweeted to Michele Iurillo former journalist (and co-founder?) of Italian Amiga Magazine "Enigma Amiga Run", who nowadays runs a so called "Social Collider" firm in Spain called Synergo! that helps people creating their own firm and realize their enterprise ideas (and  it also seems to me that he collaborates for Wired Italia Magazine too),  about your open source PPC notebook idea and about the fact you need funding for the first five prototypes motherboards.

Again I indicated the link of site, so if your project encounters his interests maybe he could contact you.

Hope this tweet could lead to an interview by Wired Magazine, so the PPC Notebook idea could reach as main people as possible, and maybe even Iurillo could help you in meet venture capital firms thru his business firm.
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