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Re: What about 3D printed chassis
« Reply #15 on: April 01, 2016, 10:21:10 AM »
So I'm going to go ahead and suggest that this this option is probably the best choice for the first version of this laptop.

While I agree that notebook chassis made of aluminum or wood is certainly more attractive than something made of plastic, with the current ubiquity of 3D printers I think that this method of chassis fabrication will be by far the most inexpensive. I am sure that some people may find my opinion to be unfavorable however, keep in mind that for this first design iteration it is important that we set achievable goals. As user Stemby pointed out, there are already other projects out there which have been working on designs for a 3D printable laptop. From a bit of searching, you can find the site on which lkcl has posted the 3D schematics for his open hardware laptop:

It is likely that for the PPC laptop design, we could probably utilize most of the design as is, and only require changes to expand the height of the laptop base (for accommodating a larger PPC logic board and heatsink combination), and some changes to external side port plates (to reflect which ports and charging interface we select). In fact, this guy has even gone through a lot of pain to select all of the individual parts of the system (screen, touchpad, keyboard, etc) ... If we honestly wanted to try and produce a new Linux PPC notebook computer as soon as possible, we would be best off reusing as much work freely done by other people as possible.

Anyhow, by choosing to go with a 3D printed chassis as opposed to one of the other alternatives, I am thinking that we will greatly increase the probability of actually bringing the laptop into production. Keep in mind that the goal of this project is probably not only to produce a single model of laptop ever... more than likely it is to develop the capacity to produce and improve upon laptop designs for the foreseeable future. Therefore the best course of action is to first get the project beyond vaporware status, and then we can refine and improve the designs to best accommodate what people think is the best.


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Re: What about 3D printed chassis
« Reply #16 on: April 06, 2016, 10:02:13 AM »
I think the "parametric design project" is a very interesting project and we are already in contact with Luke Leighton that like our project.
In the near future I believe that we will collaborate together.
Now we are in the stage of making an agreement with a notebook producer to provide us its notebook chassis,battery,lcd,etc...
Even Tesla Motor for the its first electric car have used a Lotus "Chassis" :D

Even if we are not a Company, we are a R&D volunteer association :"we define ourselves as a Solidarity/Ethical/Passion driven community. We promote a Positive and Humane relationship between collaborators, and advocate giving people a choice to run GNU/Linux on different hardware platforms."
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