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I enjoy ?-ower

I'm not sure how it becomes a mower , probably only by mixing a character ? with m. I like the idea of making a logo.

VigorPC with subtitle with the CPU name. something like PPC601, so:


Others OS / NetBSD
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:08:35 AM »
The NetBSD Project is an international collaborative effort of a large group of people, to produce a freely available and redistributable UNIX-like operating system, NetBSD. In addition to our own work, NetBSD contains a variety of other free software, including 4.4BSD Lite from the University of California, Berkeley.

One of the primary focuses of the NetBSD project has been to make the base OS highly portable. This has resulted in NetBSD being ported to a large number of hardware platforms. NetBSD is also interoperable, implementing many standard APIs and network protocols, and emulating many other systems' ABIs.

There are numerous hardware platforms supported by NetBSD-6.x, including 15 CPU architectures. In development there are even more platforms, including functional ports ColdFire, RISCV, OpenRISC and still in progress LatticeMicro32 and Aarch64.

PowerPC is Tier 1 architecture of NetBSD and support of it is a part of NetBSD's strategy.
Currently there are 10 PowerPC distinct ports: amigappc, bebox, evbppc, ibmnws, macppc, mvmeppc, ofppc, prep, rs6000 and sandpoint. And a generic evbppc, which handles PowerPC-based evaluation boards.

I'm intersted in the NetBSD development enabling the Power ISA laptop.

Introduction / kamil
« on: February 08, 2015, 04:34:17 AM »

My name is Kamil and I'm from Poland. I was a long term user of Linux.
About 2 year ago I switched entirely to NetBSD and since then I'm interested in old DEC and PowerPC architectures. I used to run NetBSD/macppc on my MacMini G4 as a home server (with a peek uptime of 200-300 days), but then I had to move my house and the server is for a while offline.

I would like to run a laptop with Power CPU inside it.

Unfortunately Power ISA computers are very rare nowadays and P8 servers are out of sane budget scope.

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