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General Discussion / Re: Mailing List News 2019
« on: July 16, 2019, 11:11:59 PM »
Hi Raffaele,
in fact this forum is not used internally by our Core Team, so is a desert  :D
For all the people active in the project is a quite intensive period, with many meetings and decisions made,
in a day we will publish an update.


Latest News on Mailing List are of April 2019.

I read on Mailing List Schematics are bouncing between the Development Team and A-Cube.

How it is situation as of June 2019?

I mean how much design changes are about to be made? How many bugs you found?

I read you have issues about che chassis form factor..

At this point IMHO it is better to follow the idea of the user who suggested to create a printed 3D laptop chassis. The line manifacture could be made later in industrial facilities.

It is time to made decisions. I spotted the Forum is deserted. Interest will decline if there are no good news.

This is our first successful attempt to setup a T2080rdb with a video card.
The RadeonHD 5450 is attached to the onboard PCI Express Gen3 4x connector using a 16x cable adapter.

We are using this board as it uses the same CPU (NXP T2080) as the one selected for our Open Hardware laptop project

You may find more infos about the board here...

news from the team / Phase One donation campaign Goal Reached!
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:40:39 PM »
It’s with joy that the Power Progress Community proudly announce the complete funding of the Hardware Research and Design phase for the Electrical Schematics. This phase has achieved the identification and design of all aspects of the motherboard reducing uncertainties related to the hardware specifications and, consequently, the production costs.

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news from the team / Outstanding projects for PowerPC 64 big endian
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:36:12 PM »
JdLL 2018

As you probably know, we were attending the JDLL meeting (Journées du Logiciel Libre, The days of the open software, and we promised to give an update about our participation. This time, our attendees were Phillipe Ferrucci and Fadi Osman. They gave a speech introducing our project and explained all the details. Using Fadi’s own words:

“It was a pleasure meeting Philippe! We also saw the OpenSUSE guys and other people one of which is the inventor of the magnetic stripe. Very impressive!

The Haiku people were very nice and helped us!”

During the speech about twenty to thirty  people were attending. We were asked the usual questions: Why have you chosen PowerPC?  Is PowerPC really open source? …

Encourage the continued support of PPC64

Continuing our Yocto Project research

Adelie / Alpine PowerPC distro

Compiling PowerPC64 Debian packages on IBM Power8 instance at the Oregon University

Power Progress Community Debian repository

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Is a good practice to translate categories you need to go to posts->categories and select the "english" languages, then as for the pages and posts;
you have the sign plus (+) on the flag language choosed to add the translation starting from an existing page.
If you want to modify an existing translation you have the pencil icon.
If you want to view only translation in <your language> you need to select on top menu only <your language>.

The same we can do with tags posts->tags

Media production to comunicate the project / Re: Social media hashtag
« on: July 08, 2017, 02:46:19 AM »
better to use #powernotebook

Which hastag should we use ‪on social media? The name is limited to 20 characters. I had to use #‎pprogresscommunity‬ as I just wrote to DuckDuckGo who did an open source campaign in 2016. I told them, the PPC laptop is a nice project for 2017.

As already published on the Donation Campaign page

Power Progress Community is a nonprofit organization established in Italy.
The Italian law allow to collect liberal and not refundable donations meant to pursue the missions and projects of the association and not give back products so Donations are liberal and not refundable.

Restrictions for a nonprofit associations in Italy

An organization like ours has to take into account the following constraints:

    A nonprofit association cannot make commercial products;
    The association can receive donations, but cannot refund them;
    The association must be coherent with its mission, and is allowed to ask for donations for their achieving the goals.

So, what we can do to start our project is based on the points below:

    The association can have particular goal to reach and ask donation to achieve it, but it cannot give back the money (no refunds).
    Donation must be altruist so, no one will receive something back for their donation.
    Italian law allows an association to finance an R&D for a project or activity.

What will happen in the worst case scenario
In the worst case scenario we will propose and vote with all donors on how to use the collected funds, with the only constraint that the new goal must be coherent with the association mission.
As the mission of the association is decided by its members, a potential donor might want to join Power Progress Community by paying the yearly membership fee.

I read several comments about the campaign and here are some suggestions to make it more attractive (this one and/or the next ones).

A donation campaign like on Kickstarter and others offer a counterpart i.e. you give money and at the end you get something in return.

Right now the PPC campaign may be received more like "you give and get nothing in return" i.e. nothing you can use as a simple user. Schematics and gerber files cannot be used by users! Thus I believe it is important to do a campaign with prizes in order to better motivate people to donate.

For a campaign with prizes we have several solutions:
- use small pledges with some goodies (customized laptop bags, mousepads, ...)
- we can do what has never been done before: someone can pledge multiple times. Every pledge will be added to a personal account. When the laptop will be ready for sale (so its price will be known) the user will get the laptop if he pledged more than its price, or will be asked to complete the pledge with the difference.
- we can have a full-cost pledge, when the price will be known i.e. if it costs 1500 euros, the pledge will be of 1500 euros.

We are very happy to announce that our funding campaign has just started.
Starting today, we will accept donations through our campaign page with the objective of collecting funds to establish a contract with Acube Systems to design the PowerPC Notebook motherboard....

Read more ...

So you want to add "AccuBook".
Power or PPC are not string required inside the name.  :)

AccuBook as a name came to my mind...

Accurate and Book sized?

Power or PPC in the name isn't all that required is it?

news from the team / Update regarding the crowdfunding
« on: June 02, 2017, 02:04:45 PM »
As you know, we last stated that it was our goal to begin the crowdfunding campaign in May... please read the post

So you want that we need to add to the poll the name : "Power McPowerface" ?

I'm quite fond of the seminal "Power McPowerface". Any takers?

In fact even if "PowerLibre" it's nice, but we need to be careful because until we will be designed the full schematics and layout we don't know exactly if we will need some chips that need some particular nda...

As many votes are very old, I have activated the possibility to update the old vote for who like it.

Need to be careful with "Libre" untilnwe know for certain we actually can deliver full schematics and layout.

*Linux sortof leaves out bsd and other OS possibilities.

From this list, PowerTop is my favorite.

PowerNote, or Note Of Power?

We still have time to vote...

OpenPPCbooK added to the poll
We need to spread this poll to have more votes, time is not finished  ;)

So do you want we add to the poll OpenPPCbooK ?

I think something like OpenPPCbooK would be ok. It does not embed any well known existing trademark. "Open" reflects the choices of the project to consider NDA-free and accessible hardware and software where practical but including components with more restrictions to achieve reasonable performance and features where necessary. So not truly "free hardware".

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