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  1. Use Powerbook G4 for teach coding using Scratch
  2. stable linux kernel 4.18.1 for G5 ppc64
  3. NXP dev board T2080 e6500 with Debian sid PPC64 and RadeonHD
  4. Mesa 18.1.1 - debian packages available for ppc64
  5. Phase One donation campaign Goal Reached!
  6. Outstanding projects for PowerPC 64 big endian
  7. Electrical Schematics and Donations progress, winter Activities
  8. PowerPC Notebook Block Diagram done!
  9. The fundraising of the PowerPC Notebook reaches a 20% of its goal in six days
  10. The PowerPC Notebook Donation Campaign has just started
  11. Update regarding the crowdfunding
  12. Are you a Yocto project expert?
  13. Debian 9 and PowerPC
  14. About Open Source Hardware
  15. Let's vote for the best logo!
  16. Logo contest end date extended
  17. The Power Progress Community is here
  18. Hardware meeting report
  19. Selecting components for the GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook
  20. Software, funding and hardware updates
  21. New specifications and development status
  22. Do you like to take part to the Communication Workgroup?