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Title: Financing Ideas (2) Islamic Venture Capitals
Post by: Raffaele_Megabyte on March 17, 2016, 02:42:43 PM
You may not been aware of that, but Islamic banks of Investments are prohibited by sharia laws to pratice usury. WHat does it means?

Well, to make a simple example, that you all can understand, it pratically means that a muslim cannot invest his/her money in derivative funds that are an abstract form of finance, all related with immaterial interests and deeply involved with any current situations of the Market (that is a form of usury), but he/she is permitted by religious rules to invest his/her money in fines and goods manufacturing, like investing in shares of a car factory that is a firm that produces solid iron goods.

So then Islamic banks of investments and Venture Capitals are always interested in investing in New Technology and in Computer Startups that could generate big renevues and are a form of investment permitted by Islamic rules.

Malaysia is the country mainly deep involved in Islamic Venture Capitals towards western industries.

I read there are 5 major Islamic Banks with subsidiaries in London and are all 5 very deeply involved in Venture Capitals:

Article on Financial Times on how it works Islamic Financing:

Some VC Bank sites:

VC Bank (they are mainly interested in firms who intend to duplicating factories from western countries to Middle East, North Africa)

Up to you to get better informed on Islamic banks and their presence in  Europe!

Title: Re: Financing Ideas (2) Islamic Venture Capitals
Post by: Casper on March 17, 2016, 06:10:00 PM
While it's good to look at any kind of financing you can get. I don't know if venture capital is what we'll be looking for, especially if the project will be largely non-profit.

It's interesting anyhow.
Title: Re: Financing Ideas (2) Islamic Venture Capitals
Post by: nemesis on March 18, 2016, 08:52:24 PM
Dangerous subject. Do not involve political, religious or personal views on Islam here or I will close the thread.
Title: Re: Financing Ideas (2) Islamic Venture Capitals
Post by: Raffaele_Megabyte on March 20, 2016, 01:17:41 PM
"Pecunia non oleat!" said Romam Emperor Vespasianus...

"Money have no bad smell!"

Remember that Amiga was born being financed by a syndacate group of dentists who invested their money in the development of that was in origin a videogame console before Commodore acquired all shares of Amiga Inc.

We are not talking of religion or arguing about it...

We are discussing about financing this project, and meet the interest of investors.

[To moderators and other people]

About islamic people 99,99% of them are normal people like you and me so no problems with their religion and them as persons, and an open PPC motherboard could also meet their needs for a computing platform.

There are good coders in Indonesia and all they want is a good alternative in Intel to fulfill their dream of alternative computing despite of their religious behaviour.

Also I have no prejudices or racist point of view. And so I hope for you people...

So let's any religious comments outside discussion as moderator requested.

More... Remember that if islam banking rules requires to invest in solid goods manufacturing, this is a point (a very strong point) in our favour.

That's all to discuss about, nothing else!