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news from the team / Slimbook to provide the notebook chassis
« on: October 11, 2019, 11:27:43 PM »
One of the main points when you are designing a laptop is the relationship between the motherboard and the enclosure. It is not a good idea to design the motherboard if you don’t have the chassis. At the same time, the enclosure has to take into account how the motherboard will be.


news from the team / C-Media supports our Open Source PowerPC design
« on: August 06, 2019, 12:27:20 AM »
We announce the cooperation with C-Media. Who is C-Media? C-Media is a global leading audio IC/software solution provider.


This is our first successful attempt to setup a T2080rdb with a video card.
The RadeonHD 5450 is attached to the onboard PCI Express Gen3 4x connector using a 16x cable adapter.

We are using this board as it uses the same CPU (NXP T2080) as the one selected for our Open Hardware laptop project

You may find more infos about the board here...

news from the team / Phase One donation campaign Goal Reached!
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:40:39 PM »
It’s with joy that the Power Progress Community proudly announce the complete funding of the Hardware Research and Design phase for the Electrical Schematics. This phase has achieved the identification and design of all aspects of the motherboard reducing uncertainties related to the hardware specifications and, consequently, the production costs.

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news from the team / Outstanding projects for PowerPC 64 big endian
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:36:12 PM »
JdLL 2018

As you probably know, we were attending the JDLL meeting (Journées du Logiciel Libre, The days of the open software, and we promised to give an update about our participation. This time, our attendees were Phillipe Ferrucci and Fadi Osman. They gave a speech introducing our project and explained all the details. Using Fadi’s own words:

“It was a pleasure meeting Philippe! We also saw the OpenSUSE guys and other people one of which is the inventor of the magnetic stripe. Very impressive!

The Haiku people were very nice and helped us!”

During the speech about twenty to thirty  people were attending. We were asked the usual questions: Why have you chosen PowerPC?  Is PowerPC really open source? …

Encourage the continued support of PPC64

Continuing our Yocto Project research

Adelie / Alpine PowerPC distro

Compiling PowerPC64 Debian packages on IBM Power8 instance at the Oregon University

Power Progress Community Debian repository

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We are very happy to announce that our funding campaign has just started.
Starting today, we will accept donations through our campaign page with the objective of collecting funds to establish a contract with Acube Systems to design the PowerPC Notebook motherboard....

Read more ...

news from the team / Update regarding the crowdfunding
« on: June 02, 2017, 02:04:45 PM »
As you know, we last stated that it was our goal to begin the crowdfunding campaign in May... please read the post

news from the team / Are you a Yocto project expert?
« on: April 22, 2017, 02:30:34 AM »
We are searching  volunteers expert on Yocto project Linux-based systems for embedded product.

Our PowerPC devkit NXP T2080RDB run Yocto project Linux-based systems for embedded product, at these stage we need to upgrade Yocto thanks to the NXP SDK 2.0 and upgrade kernel with the framebuffer that support a video card.

Our devkit is  connected via PCI-E a AMD HD 4350...

If you like to apply to

news from the team / The Power Progress Community is here
« on: August 27, 2016, 11:52:58 PM »
We are proud to announce that our association has been constituted. As you might know, it is an Italian organization so the original statutes are written in Italian and we are working to have an English translation. The contents of that document were discussed at the beginning of July, the conversations were very productive and after some modifications we had the statutes ready for the creation of the association. Moreover,  in that meeting we approved its name and now we are setting up a new Internet domain according to that. After agreeing all this, the association was finally registered at the end of July.

This fact is very important for us because it allows us to contact other organizations and companies as a real entity and gives us the possibility of signing agreements of any type. Even more, the association is the legal figure we need to start the funding campaign

And now… we need a logo

We are organizing a contest during August to select the Power Progress Community logo. Everybody is invited to send us an image but we are deciding how to receive them and the voting application to use. Stay tuned to this website if you are interested on participating.

More activities of interest

Continuing with this update, we were doing a survey to check how the community wants to support the project. Over 150 people filled our survey and most of them show interest in funding the project somehow. In addition, there is a group of people which will contribute only if the final specs of the notebook match their expectations. Lastly, a very small group showed only curiosity with no intention of collaborating with money.

Some weeks ago we wrote a post explaining our first Hardware Group meeting. The good news here is that this group is being very active these days and we arranged a new meeting last week focusing on what components could be more open and accomplish our requirements. In relation to this, we are maintaining conversations with two companies that could provide us the enclosures. This is a key point because determines how the motherboard is designed.

That’s almost all, we are moving forward and the crowdfunding campaign is near.

Dear friends,
This is a CALL for everyone that like to manage to take care about the Communication and Relationship of our project to the rest of the World.

If you like to improve this project regarding Communication and Relationship you can contact us.

Many Thanks!   :D

news from the team / New specifications and development status
« on: May 31, 2015, 11:19:19 PM »
The manufacturer is going forward and defines the notebook specifications. So we are reaching step by step the next milestone.

Finally we give publically the specification of the processor family that our notebook will adopt!
 It will use a Freescale processor based on a e6500 64-bit Power Architecture® Core Technology that includes Altivec technology with 16 GFLOPS per core.

The notebook will have 2 memory slots for DDR3L RAM (low power).
The notebook will have USB2 and USB3 ports.

Website announcement with more info

This saturday 14th March I will present to everybody our GNU/Linux PowerPC notebook project at "Fa' la cosa giusta!" - The national fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles (Italy) 12th edition, Milan, 13-14-15 March 2015 - more info about "Fa' la cosa giusta!"

I will be in the "padiglione 4" of Fieramilanocity, Peace and Partecipation, stand PP06 inside the stand of "computer solidarity" (Informatica Solidale) association.

I will be there searching volunteer for our project, inform about our existence and make new synergy, I will keep you updated about, I hope this time I will make more photos :D

You could download the italian brochure of our project prepared for that event.

I show you how I work for the translation:
1. I select the view of only english article , on the upper menu I go where is write "Show all Languages" and select "English"

After that if you go on all pages you could add translation from each one:

You have the sign plus (+) on the flag language choosed to add the translation starting from an existing page.

If you want to modify an existing translation you have the pencil icon.

If you want to view only translation in <your language> you need to select on top menu only <your language>.

In the page list you could see even the three page the populate the text below the three image in front page :
Join, HowTo, Power of Group
For the front pages( Join, HowTo, Power of Group) we need to add Excerpt text that is the text that you see on the front page.
To complete the "Front Page" there is another page to translate with the text "Ready to switch to GNU/Linux PowerPC notebooks".
To complete the "Front Page" is needed even to translate the subtitle "To make this happen a new PowerPC Notebook will be Produced soon."
, you need to provide to the administrator of the website this string translated.

In wordpress there is at the top right a tab called "Screen Options" if click on the label it open down checkbox that you could click , and you must check on "Excerpt" checkbox.

About the translations of the posts you must go to POSTS, and is needed to go the top tab "Screen Options" and deselect "SEO,SEO Title,Meta Desc, Focus KW" so you will see as for the pages the flags and the symbol "+" to add the translation.

Suggestions / about suggestions
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:08:58 AM »
Some tech specs are already defined as wrote in FAQ page
  • video card: MXM ( upgradable)
  • USB
  • SATA
  • RAM: DDR3, upgradable

Forum suggestions / theme to install
« on: December 23, 2014, 12:23:40 AM »
Searching a theme for this forum I have found this theme , that I like,

I have see that in the website there are many themes, so if we are more people that search we could explore more themes...
If you find something that you think si good for the look and feel of our forum please share the link of the theme.

Thank you 

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