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Suggestions / Re: Battery
« on: November 19, 2015, 10:08:54 PM »
Hi argoste,

good job! Battery you posted is perfect for a notebook application: voltage, charge, dimensions are all compatible for a notebook. Maybe a different connettor would be better  ;D
Considering the different consumer applications for these types of battery packs, I think it's possible to obtain a custom battery for a notebook without any particular effort.


Suggestions / Re: Conformity marking
« on: November 07, 2015, 05:40:41 PM »
Hi Freddy,

thanks for your contribution. You're partially right, because CE mark inheritance is valid only for indipendent devices connected together, but isn't valid for single components or module. (I'm quite sure this rule is valid also for FCC, but I have yo check).

Let's take some examples:
  • If you sell a CE compliant external AC-DC adapter with your CE notebook, all package is CE compliant
  • If you use a CE compliant internal AC-DC adpter for your desktop PC, inheritance is still valid, because you're using an indipendent device
  • If you integrate an AC-DC adapter in your motherboard, CE inheritance of components isn't valid

Another example, about WiFi Module:
  • If you use a CE WiFi USB dongle, no problem
  • If you add to your motherboard a CE compliant WiFi module like this one:
    you loose inheritance because you can't guarantee the whole board respects all Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) rules, so you have perform some additional test to certify your board.
    Let me say that using certified module for EMC sensible devices (like radio, AC converters, etc), the whole board certification is easier, because some (but not all) of the certication tests can be skipped, so this is my optimal solution.

I hope I've been useful.


Suggestions / Conformity marking
« on: October 29, 2015, 02:45:13 PM »
Hi all,

In order to produce and distribute PowerPC notebook in various countries, conformity declaration must applied:
Has anyone considered to perform conformity tests in a thirdy part laboratory (very expensive, more than 20k euro), or do we simply apply the self certification?
Honestly speaking, I don't know if a notebook can be self-certified; if anyone has access to marking requirements, please add the necessary informations.


Suggestions / Battery
« on: October 29, 2015, 02:29:01 PM »
Hi all,

Looking for some technical specifications about battery in the forum, I didn't find anything, so I have some questions and suggestions regarding it.
  • Has anyone evaluated the total amount of current, in order to define battery requirements?
  • In a "Open Hardware" obviously we cannot mount a proprietary cell pack (ex: an HP laptop battery pack), but it's necessary to design a specific one. Some considerations, based on my job experience:
    • A custom solution is unfortunately a very expensive solution (I think total cost could be more than 100 euro)
    • For small productions like this project, manufacturers could change package dimensions or close production without any notice.

    My suggestion is to find possibly more than one manufacturer and a package as common as possible, in order to fit different products in the same area reserved in the chassis.
    Has anyone already looked for battery solutions?


Introduction / stefano
« on: October 29, 2015, 12:28:33 PM »
Hi all,

I'm Stefano from Milan. I would like to join the hardware Group. I'm not skilled in Linux OSs but I have a lot of experience in Analogic and Digital design, embedded systems and embedded coding and Safety requirements certification.

I hope I can help and have fun with you!


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