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FEEEF ^_^  POwerPC Open-source Risc Notebook is very nice !!! I curios to watch logo.

Raffaele Lovely names ^_^ i like PoPCorn and MeOW [ but for suggest cat logo ^_^ ] .

Good Morning ....Absolutely, i approve all you explain inside upper post. ^_^ thank you for patience for my English! Now ... Freedom synonyms in Italian Language.

Freedom = Liberta', synonyms [sinonimi]: Indipendenza, Scelta [ scegliere ], Possibilita', Arbitrio, Facolta',  Aperto, Selvatico, Sciolto, Virtu', Sovranita'.

these are free from the contents of phrase.

I know Italian Name have fascination.
Domino is nice,
C0ffee [ is example MAC address for SUN machine ]  the logo is cup of coffee ^_^
Isotopo [ in Greek Language "Same Site" ] the logo little sphere run around and leaves a trail round like Saturn rings.

PORCO [ Power Ordinateur Risc Computer Outofbox ..... extended GNU tradition with animal and recursive { porco=pig but derogatory } ] the logo is PORCO. AHAHAHAH. :D
Fooo [ foofighter referred ] the logo is UFO Alien Bell.
FoooBar [ nonsense for programmers ] the logo is little Round Matrix Code.

Is good working ^_^ I think; first we can try to make form at notebook with put inside "here" many ideas. In first time is only imagine inside brain. I wish with GNU/Notebook PowerPC can working R.Stalman. For go to inside Stalman hand  we are need real free software,hardware,working and easy design, short and strong name. Every nerd can speak: Hey, can you see new PowerPC Notebook? Is fabulous, is upgradeable, can you use Amiga OS and R.Stalman use it. [ at moment R.Stalman use MIPS Notebook ]. Stay tuned in this day i want to put one possible design [ my idea chassis notebook ], i think to inspired from RUSSIA concept [ strong, with big and definite easy line style ] example: old IBM notebook. I hope this contribute can help for found ideas name or other. :))

P.S. Sorry for my English, i learn with MMORPG and Newspaper Magazine : /   

Hello all ^_^ good Sunday nice and cute name! but sorry for bad notice libretto taken from Toshiba. :( my suggest is: not necessary the name recall the power or useful. But necessary not too long unique with good sound, when you think new name tray to speech and listen. For found name we can reassume the good point of PowerPC Notebook; he accept many and not usually operating system [ Morphos, AmigaOs, Linux, MacOs, Aros ] He is totally Open to Open Source, Free Concept not closed technology or firmware. Is good point for Geek and Nerd and for all who suffer the tecno control. Open Technology for open mind :))

OpenBook ..... OBook ..... L33T ....
We can use leet ^_^

T4B00k .... [ "to for book" or tabook ] :D

Others OS / Re: Darwin
« on: December 26, 2014, 12:31:07 PM »
The effort to make computer where many operating system can boot, help for choice hardware most compatible and open. Happy Christmas. 

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