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AmigaOS4 runs exclusively on PPC computers.

Is Hyperion, owner of AmigaOS 4, or Acube or AEon ( AmigaOne hardware producers of these PPC computer) have been contacted ?

The AmigaOS4 community (500-1000 members) is impatiently awaiting for a notebook.

Thank you.


AOS4 is a commercial OS and i doubt that anything will even be considered until there is atleast an prototype available.

Although! I believe that all Amiga OSes will be ported to this in the future and that many people in all Amiga camps are longing for this machine.

Good luck for the prototype, then  ;)

Back in the day there were hardware specifications of a potential notebook on this website. Where have they gone?

About an AmigaOS port and before talking prototype, amiga friendly hardware could be discussed with experienced companies such a A-Cube systems ( but i'm pretty sure you already know them), A-Eon is a bit focussed on its AmigaOne X5000 for the moment but as Amigaholics they are always open to discuss such serious project.

From what I know about such a project related to AmigaOS 4 is that full hardware documentation is needed, not just a linux driver.

Is there still many interest in a new PPC notebook from linux users? I thought they were focused on X86 and ARM for mobile hardware.

Anyway I'm sure that the Amiga community could be interested in this project.

PPC is a niche at the moment in all consumer areas and there are a few PPC fanatics like me for example.

I KNOW the Amiga community is more than interested in this machine.

I am going to try and make myself even clearer Hyperion, A-cube and A-eon are companies that are commercial and what I beleive is that they will not start to work on a ghost machine until they know for sure it will be available.

What we have learned in the past in the Amiga community is that there has been alot of talk and no doing, Hyperion spoke some years ago about a very serious project on a laptop but it seems that project was scrapped.


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