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MorphOS is a PPC based microkernel operating system.

On top of Quark Microkernel runs an AmigaOS-like API environment to provide an immediate ease-of-use ambience for the user, instead of building from scratch a new API of its own that could require years to develop for a small team.

MorphOS is based on sandbox environments.
Actually two boxes are active:

- QBox enviroment laying underneath supporting all modern OS features, and contains Quark Kernel running the hardware... But not all features are active (like MMU) at this very moment as they need API of their own (API that are not yet developed).

- ABox environment, that features API taken from AmigaOS 3.1 with PPC support and mimics AmigaOS with a new GUI interface called Ambient, based on MUI (Magical User Interface).

ABox has the control of the computers MorphOS has been installed to, actually, and so it is the only one accessible to users at this moment, and thus features how MorphOS appears to public.

MorphOS is commercial product.

Beta version for Amiga Classic Computers is free.

MorphOS upto 1.4.5 is free for those who purchased Pegasos I and II computer motherboards now out of production.

Actual version runs on Pegasos computers, Efika mini motherboards and a various number of Macintosh PPC computers G4 and G5 equipped with ATI graphic chips.

MorphOS can be downloaded free from its site and works with no limitations for a demo time of 30 minutes. Then you have to reboot.

License key costs 49 euro for owners of Efika machines.
79 euro for Pegasos and Macintosh computers.
111 euro is the cost for Powerbook owners.

Since version 2.0 you purchase lincense key and all updates are free. This could be end with version 4.0.

Since 2005 it is an almost 10 years policy of purchase OS once, then download all updates free of any charge.

This is more than offered by any other Operating Systems marketing services.

That's all for the minimal info.

All other informations are available online.

As long as Pegasos machines and Mac PPC are out of production since years we MorphOS users are looking with interest to new PPC motherboards and suggest MorphOS Team, the developes, to support it.

My very detailed essay why this laptop must support MorphOS:

MorphOS is indirectly related to Commodore Amiga. Commodore Amiga were innovative computers. Unfortunately the other competition caught up and original company later declared bankrupcy. As a result, there have been no laptops available for this operating system.

Commodores almost never made any portable computers. Most were keyboard-computers which could connect to a monitor or sometimes television. They are somewhat portable. The closest thing to a laptop, and the only all-in-one portable computers are:

The Commodore SX-64 is a portable computer.
The Commodore LCD is another portable computer, although it was an unreleased prototype.
There exists a Commodore 64 Laptop, but I think this is an aftermarket release.

There have been very few laptops since then, unless you count some Commodore or Amiga branded computer with Windows or Linux installed onto it.

There have been AROS (spun off from AmigaOS) supported laptops, I think this has happened several years ago. I am unfamiliar which ones and when. Later (I think in 2011) there is the AspireOS.

MorphOS released to the PowerBook G4 summer 2012.
MorphOS released to the iBook G4 summer 2013.
These three examples are the closest things to a revised and updated Commodore Amiga Laptop.

Regarding MorphOS, these laptops are old Apple computers. Also, these G4 computers are not made any more. Additionally, MorphOS does not support ANY computer in production. Eventually they could support the SAM computer. They are currently in production but these are desktops. MorphOS needs a laptop currently in production also. Availability of new computers will help because eventually the old computers might malfunction with no new parts made to repair them.

Anybody that likes Commodore Amiga will like MorphOS on this laptop.
Anybody that likes fast operating systems will like MorphOS on this laptop.

In future they will release MorphOS for a different ISA but for now I really hope MorphOS can be released for a PowerPC Laptop or PowerPC Notebook.

Yes. As I said Morphos shares the Amiga API but most important thing is that it is based on its own microkernel, fast, modern, efficient and if MorphOS Team decide of developing API of its own, MOS could get rid in any moment of Amiga legacy that scares people who were not Amiga users in the past, and then became an OS of its own.
This is its best feature. It can trasform itself and be adapted to became suitable for any family of users: Amiga users, Linux users, Macintosh users.
Give it a platform of reference as a new PPC laptop, and it could evolve to match users requirements.

MorphOS is one of my favorite OSes and i really hope it will get a port in time.

Hi, I have a Powerbook v.5.8 and I was buy licence key. Now I am finding some light version for dualboot. That is what I am here.
And sory for my english.


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