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Have you asked others for help?

About what?

Free-BSD would be a good thing to have on the laptop. However, it would be nice to have a version like PC-BSD, where a lot of the stuff is preconfigured (since FreeBSD is supposedly quite difficult to set up)

PC-BSD is only x86 though.

I've done a tutorial for the "32bit" PowerPC/POWER Macs. I would need an actual model to make a GUI system.
The LiveCD could be made if one would make request to the FreeBSD PowerPC mailing list. The desktop would need to be blackbox or a similar small footprint window manager. Xorg would need to be setup according to the card: i.e. you will have to run "Xorg -configure -retro" until an official CD/USB is developed.

My personal ranking of OSes are:

1. Debian
2. Amigaish OSes (because of the relatively large userbase)
3. FreeBSD


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